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First Health Center
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Chiropractic ~ LaserLipo/Laser Weight Loss ~ LED Facial Rejuvenation

Massage Therapy

"It's amazing - that you don't work out! You just sit down for 45 minutes, and then get back up and you've lost weight." -Monique Styles "I've continued to eat the same way I've been eating, exercising the same amount that I've been exercising. The only difference is that I started doing this and I lost 2 to 2.5 inches off my abdominals and about 2.5% body fat." -Nick Cooley, personal trainer "I have a time table for my shows. That at every two or three weeks I have to be at a certain body fat and actually I'm like two weeks ahead of schedule by doing this." - Charles Dixon, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder "I worked out five days a week, ate right but nothing worked. Just those last few pounds were not coming about four session I noticed my pants fitting differently and just feeling better." - Angela Miller