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LaserLipo ~ LED PhotoFacial ~ Cellulite LipoRay

LED Phototherapy Facial Rejuvenation Double Chin Reduction
LED PhotoFacial
Facial Rejuvenation

-Diminishes fine lines, wrinkles & crow's feet
-Reduces the effects of sun-damaged skin
-Minimizes large pores
-Helps reduce redness and uneven skin tones
-Restores skin’s natural collagen production
-For face, neck, hands or body
-Generates virtually no heat or harmful UV rays
-Short 10-15 minute sessions
-Comfortable use, non-invasive & pain free
-No known side effects


Anti-Aging & Light Therapy 

This is one of the newest; most celebrated and documented treatment for aging and damaged skin. It uses your body's natural process to heal.
It penetrates beneath the surface of the skin. It pulls collagen to the surface to fill-in lines and wrinkles. Studies have shown skin will heal 150%-200% faster. It is well established in the medical field but now is getting recognized as an anti-aging regime.

The addition of hyaluronic acid gel helps to increase the effectiveness and decrease the number of treatments needed. Most people will see good results with only four treatment sessions. 

Treatment only costs $40.00 per treatment. Ask about special deals on this service.


before                                                                               after


before                                                                               after