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Linda Strange LMT

Massage Plus Spa & Wellness

Dr. James Worth DC

2133 Boiling Springs Road

Boiling Springs, SC 29316

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LaserLipo ~ LED PhotoFacial ~ Massage Therapy


Linda Strange is now in charge of the LaserLipo and PhotoFacial treatments at Massage Plus Spa & Wellness. She is a wonderfull licensed massage therapist.

LaserLipo Laser weightloss is an innovative procedure that uses light to shrink fat cells resulting in a slimmer you. Treatment only takes ten minutes of laserlipo time on each side. People are getting great results with the LaserLipo procedure. This could be the missing component that has prevented you from slimming down in the past.Chews-4-Health Internatonal Beauty Starts Within

Chews-4-Health is a new brand of chewable supplements that the office is now using. You can click on the banner and get more information. Taking a pill is not a good way get the most out of your supplements. Absorbtion is always a problem with pills. When you chew your supplements, just like you chew your food, absorbtion is always better. Try these for health, weight loss, better sleep and more energy! You will be glad you chewed them. Only available online.


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